Featured Artists

Joseph Hemphill

Owner – Hemphill Guitars

“Lambs mandos are incredible. Awesome volume and projection! I’ve played a handful of high end mandolins and this is among the top! I kind of want a 2 point now!!! Thank you Mikki!!!”

Dave Moore

“I’ve been an acoustic guitar player for over 35 years and have owned many beautiful instruments during that time but I have never had a custom built, just for me, one of a kind instrument. The precision and artistry that is a part of every step of the build was inspirational and the end result is the finest instrument I have ever owned. Joy is the only word to describe how I feel when I look at and play this amazing mandolin. Thanks Mikki…You are the man!!!”

Mark Pietrovito


“Lambs provides an opportunity to own a once and lifetime instrument. It is rare to play something that looks, feels, and sounds quite like this. There aren’t many words to describe it, you will have to hear it for yourself, truly incredible!”