Tradition in one hand, 

Future in the other.

What’s on the bench?

My Mandolins are truly Hand Built… one at a time. From planning a build on paper, to its final moments in the Lambs Shop, every step along the way is a deep and convicted focus. I will provide the absolute Best materials I can find for every build, because I understand thats where it all starts….

“A house is only as good as its foundation ”

Custom Hand Crafted Mandolins

California, USA

At Lambs Mandolins, there is one constant objective above all others, creating instruments that inspire, and continue to do so.

Taking what I know from history and tradition, while walking boldly into the future, to create instruments for life…. Your Life !  Every thought and idea, every select piece of wood, every stroke of the chisel, it all culminates into a truly hand built custom Mandolin. See for yourself !